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Happy New Year!

Safety Focus -

Today talk about being prepared for that distracted driver. We've all been there, the vehicle in front of us is going 8 mph slower than the posted speed and as we pass them, their nose is in their phone.

Last week, one of our drivers moving a line truck from a finished project to the next job, was forced onto the shoulder to avoid an oncoming distracted driver that had swerved into their lane. It wasn't luck, it was the driver prepared for what could happen and made the decision to brake onto the shoulder to prevent a head on collision.

It's not if an event will occur but when the event will occur.

Are you and your team prepared?

Discuss any driving events that you may have witnessed or heard about and how you would react in that situation.

For many of us driving is the riskiest thing we do every day. Keeping your mind and eyes on the road will help you be ready for what traffic brings your way.

Stay safe out there.

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