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Thank you to our Sponsor's for the 2016 conference!



Gold Sponsor - Altec, Inc.

Altec is a leading provider of products and services to the electric utility, telecommunications, tree care, lights and signs, and contractor markets. We deliver products and services in more than 100 countries throughout the world. Altec Inc. is the holding company for Altec Industries, Global Rental, Altec NUECO, Altec Worldwide, Altec Capital, Altec Supply, and Altec Ventures, LLC.


For 85 years, Altec has been a company committed to excellence. Our products are the industry leaders and consistently raise the bar through innovative product design, integrated safety features, and continued dedication to total customer satisfaction.


Altec promotes an environment built on teamwork where knowledge is shared and innovative solutions are the result. The expertise of our Team is as critical to our success as the effectiveness of our products and solutions. At Altec, you can personally excel while making a difference to the company, our customers and communities.

Silver Sponsor - Clark Power Products

Clark Power Products, Inc. is committed to the professional representation of quality manufacturers who provide products and services to the electric utility and related industries. We focus our professional sales and customer service efforts for our represented manufacturers within the entire states of Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and the El Paso area of Texas.

By visiting their website, you may review the manufacturers they represent and their associated products and services. You will find them by product category, which they have divided into market segments associated with the generation, transmission, substation, distribution and metering of electrical power, as well as tools and testing. You will also find the manufacturers they represent listed by market territory.

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Event Sponsors

Tuesday Breakfast

Since 1947, Young Power Equipment Co. has been representing manufacturers and service providers that support utility (IOU), large industrial (power users), government and customer owned utility (COU) customers. 

Tuesday Lunch

Since 1952, when two entrepreneurs founded Border States to serve the electric utility industry, we’ve grown into a product and supply chain powerhouse. Today, our more than 1,900 employee-owners provide products, materials management solutions, and delivery and logistics expertise to tens of thousands of customers across diverse industries including:

Wednesday Breakfast

Hubbell Incorporated began its journey in the late 1800’s when its founder, Harvey Hubbell, developed tooling and equipment to serve the growing demand for new assembly and manufacturing machinery during the industrial revolution. The commercial availability of electric power and advent of the light bulb created additional opportunities for Hubbell. With early patents for the “pull chain lamp socket” and “separable plug and receptacle,” Hubbell stepped into an era of creativity, inventing new ways to serve its growing customer base of businesses, manufacturers, utilities and homeowners.

Today, we continue the tradition of growth and innovation that Hubbell was built on more than a century ago. We are focused on delivering high quality, dependable products. Internally, we are supported by our knowledgeable customer care teams. In the field, we work with our channel partners to deliver our product to market. Our network of distributors and retailers provide sales support, local inventory and expertise for the end-consumer. Together, they form a partnership with Hubbell that has played an important role in supporting our growth throughout our history. 

Wednesday Lunch

Since 1927, Chattanooga-based Sherman + Reilly, a Textron company, has been a leading manufacturer of tools and equipment for underground and aerial transmission, and distribution of electrical power and communications systems, including a complete line of bundle blocks, pullers, tensioners, reel trailers, and lineman construction and maintenance tools.

Sherman + Reilly has always been synonymous with Quality, and today we are raising the bar even higher with making Safety our top priority. We are 100% focused on the safety of every Lineman and have taken the next steps in implementing changes in design and engineering that provide the most advanced safety envelope for the Lineman today.

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